Roads to Rome
There is a saying that all roads lead to Rome. We set out on 3.375.746 journeys to check if that was really true.
Section 4

About the Project

The question if really all roads lead to Rome bothered Benedikt Groß since quite a while. With the support of Philipp Schmitt the two set out on a digital navigation quest. The result of this quest are the maps documented by Raphael Reimann on the pages you are currently viewing.

Benedikt, Philipp and Raphael are members of moovel lab. A creative working environment researching the future of transportation and many related topics.

All roads to Rome, and every other route calculated during the course of this project were navigated by GraphHopper. Routing was done on the basis of OpenStreetMap data. We are aware of some bugs, keep them in mind the next time your navigation system leads you to a dead end. We love to share our work with you, this is why we resign on a margin in poster sales.

Similar projects Thank you for your enormous feedback. We received lots of mails pointing out other projects with similar visual or thematical background you might also like.

Presskit Download You can use the press photos in your publications. Please credit the moovel lab team.